Dreams: Real And Imagined

The two People standing, talking voicelessly,

Never met.  Not really, never.

They tell me nothing.  I hear only the silence, whispering.

I can’t place them for

the misty scene wafts through changing backgrounds.

They belong somewhere,

now here, not together.

There are no clues

but there they stand, animatedly engaged,

silently still.

A furtive glance my way

no sign that they see me, or even can.

They, nor I,

Neither, here nor there.

Perhaps, I . . . or they . . . don’t exist

exactly that way.

Truth is.

[One of them doesn’t belong here,

perhaps, its me?]

Or, maybe it isn’t.

They are my dream,

I think.

Or, have I entered their’s?

Dreamer and dreamed

Sharing in common

The real and The imagined.