The Dexterous God

I look at your heavens,

the work of Your fingers,

the moon and the stars

that You have established

 (Psalm 8:3)

“… learn to look with wonder at the divine wisdom hidden in our limbs.

For through God’s providence our hands and fingers are apt for every skill and activity, whether writing or anything else.

From God, too, comes the knowledge of numberless arts and scripts, of healing and medicine, of languages and the various other branches of learning.

In short, all things, whether past, present or future, have been and are always being given to us by God in His great goodness, so that our bodies may live and our souls may be saved, provided we use all these things according to His purpose, glorifying Him through them with all thankfulness.”

(St. Peter Damaskos, THE PHILOKALIA, Kindle Loc. 28360-67)

You have given the human dominion

over the works of Your hands

(Psalm 8:6)