Christian Love: The Connection to Christian Community

 “To lack prudence and wisdom is to act foolishly and thoughtlessly – seeking merely one’s own good rather than the good of friends and the larger community.”   (Ralph C. Wood, The Gospel According to Tolkien, pg. 80)

SS Peter and Paul

“[…] The Creator, decreed that we should require the help of one another, as it is written, so that we might associate with one another. Again, apart from this consideration, the doctrine of the charity of Christ does not permit the individual to be concerned solely with his own private interests. ‘Charity’, says the Apostle, ‘seeks not her own’. But a life passed in solitude is concerned only with the private service of individual needs. This is openly opposed to the law of love, which the Apostle fulfilled, who sought not what was profitable to himself but to many that they might be saved.

Saints of the 20th Century

Furthermore, a person living in solitary retirement will not readily discern his own defects, since he has no one to admonish and correct him with mildness and compassion…Besides, if all we who are united in the one hope of our calling are one body with Christ as our Head, we are also members, one of another. If we are not joined together by union in the Holy Spirit in the harmony of one body, but each of us should choose to live in solitude, we would not serve the common good in the ministry according to God’s good pleasure, but would be satisfying our own passion for self-gratification. How could we, divided and separated, preserve the status and the mutual service of members or our subordinate relationship to our Head, which is Christ?”    (Deno Geanakoplos in The Way of the Fathers by John Chryssavgis, pg. 43)