Enjoying Nature

Due to some back problems, I have not been able to get out to walk in area parks much.  But had a better than average day so ventured into easily accessible regions of Caesar Creek Lake to view the wildflowers and insects.  One of the most delightful insects to encounter is the Hummingbird Moth, this one helping to pollinate Wild Bergamot (aka Bee Balm).

And another favorite for me are the bees, for whom there are even blessing prayers in the Orthodox tradition.  We need to keep praying for the bee population which has been declining. They do a lot of work for us in pollinating our gardens and farms.

And then there are the butterflies, always beautiful, graceful and multi-hued.   They get your attention but are often hard to capture in photos as they flit and float between landings.

Some insects really do look like space aliens, or perhaps Hollywood has made its aliens in the likeness of insects.

I’m thankful just for the opportunity to walk and to observe nature.  Below: the Purple Coneflower.

Walking in a park can even take you back in time:   you can encounter “living fossils” like the Equisetum (below) which is the single surviving genus of  primitive vascular plants that dates back to the mid-Devonian period (350 + million years ago).  The plant reproduces by spores and the photosynthesis takes place in the stems of the plants.

So many beautiful gifts in nature to see.   Sirach says: “The fear of the Lord is like a garden of blessing” (40:27).   The blessings of God’s garden are easy to see.  The joy of the fear of God is perhaps a greater mystery for us, but what a wonderful metaphor.

I think these wildflowers are – Above: False Sunflower.  Below: Royal Catchfly.

And I’m grateful not only for the wild flowers and insects, but also for the ability to walk amidst them and to drink in their colors, scents, shapes, and how flora and fauna form an ecosystem in which each is dependent on the other for life.

You can see all the photos I took on this walk at Caesar Creek Lake 11 July 2014.

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