Receiving Christ in the Eucharist

“So often our theology, formulated in so many abstract terms, falls to pieces in the face of crime, hunger, death, or loneliness. I have seen miserable, squalid, downright ugly persons – like old precious stones encrusted with grime and dirt. Yet if for a moment some living warmth is placed in the hollow of their hands, suddenly light beams from their faces. Behind the façade of intellectual objections, of cynicism and indifference we all hide our loneliness, our need for the presence  of another…To receive Christ is to ‘eat’ and ‘drink’ him and afterwards make our way into the world as living sacraments, as the Eucharist on the way, moving along through life. It is only through us, even if we are silent, that Christ speaks to the world, that he again gives himself as food, for the life of the world.”    (Michael Plekon in St. Vladimir’s Theological Quarterly: Vol. 49 #3, p 313)