Thankfully Recovering

For the second time in the past two years I underwent a spinal fusion surgery to correct a degenerative lumbar spinal problem. I am grateful for all those who have prayed for my health and recovery.

The convalescence is a long and slow process but thankfully the surgery went well, and time will tell whether the debilitating problems will be corrected, even temporarily.  I’ll let these few photos serve as symbols of the recovery from surgery.


These last two photos, well, they are the actual hardware that was in my vertebrae from the first fusion.  They were removed during this current surgery and new and additional pieces were put in.  Spoiler alert:  don’t look if thinking about things medical bothers you.

Gives a sense of the size of the hardware used in the fusion.  Those are inches.  Hard to imagine that is drilled into your vertebrae, but it apparently works.  They don’t call it big back surgery for nothing.