The Reading of the Gospels

“In his description of the Eucharistic celebration, Justin  (d. ca 162AD) refers to the ‘Memoirs of the Apostles’ – ‘which are called Gospels’. The Memoirs composed by the apostles ‘are read as time permits’. He does not specify how many gospels there are or which of them are included in the ‘Memoirs’, yet it is most likely that he meant the Synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark, and Luke). This is the first known reference in Christian literature to the reading of the Gospels in a liturgical setting. Such readings at the Sunday worship service contributed to their canonization. Justin’s account implies that reading of the Gospels was practiced everywhere, beyond the confines of Rome as well.”  (Veselin Kesich, Formation and Struggles: The Birth of the Church AD 33-200, pp 157-158)