Being a Disciple of Christ Jesus

“…We follow the path Christ has left us in order to grow more like Him, in order to allow God to change us, already in this life, from the fallen Image to the actual Likeness to Christ. A disciple is not one who ‘conforms’ to authority to escape punishment and gain reward; nor is a disciple one who ‘exercises’ spiritual muscle to grow into a superman – there is nothing punitive in asceticism, nor is there anything athletic in terms of spiritual accomplishment. A disciple walks a path that can change him into who and what he is following. This is why Christ says to us: ‘If you love me, keep my commandments.’ We may have the intention to get closer to God, but unless we practice as a way of life those things that weaken what separates us from God and that strengthens what unites us to God, this intention remains merely theoretical, never finding realization. We remain ambivalent, conflicted in our depths, however much we put a good face on that at the surface.”   (Jamie Moran in Raising Lazarus by Stephen Muse, p 147)

St. Herman of Alaska

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