The God Who Lives and Moves Among Us

St. Isaac of Ninevah (7th Century) opens to us through his writings heaven itself, where we behold the beauty of the Lord.

“These are small tit-bits of the beginning of ‘practical’ meditation on the divine Nature, using the mental faculties.

Revered and glorious (is He) in His nature,

good in all that belongs to Him,


merciful and kind,

mighty and strong (at the same time),

wise, having knowledge that suffices for everything,

encompassing everything within the bounds of His knowledge,

who holds the limit of the entire creation,

who is close at hand to everyone, yet ineffable removed from everyone,

who is in every place and in no place,

who encompasses all, and everywhere is within His compass;

who controls with His will creation which is so vast and packed with such a multitude of different things.  None of the (created) natures, or anything in (creation) can stir or move about, or vibrate or murmur, without the indication of His will.”   (The Second Part: Chap. IV-XLI, pp 46-47)