The Unity Caused by Love

“‘Beloved, let us love one another” (1 John 4:7)

Imagine a circle marked out on the ground. Suppose that this circle is the world, and that the centre of the circle is God. Leading from the edge of the circle to its centre are a number of lines, and these represent the paths or ways of life that men can follow. In their desire to come closer to God, the saints move along these lines towards the middle of the circle, so that the further they advance, the nearer they approach both to God and to one another. The closer they come to God, the closer they come to one another; and the closer they come to each other, the closer they come to God. Such is the nature of love. The nearer we draw to God in our love for him, the more we are united together by love for our neighbor; and the greater our union with our neighbor, the greater is our union with God.”   (St. Dorotheus of Gaza in The Time of the Spirit, p 80)