Thanksgiving (2014)

“When you sit down for a meal, pray.

 As you take bread, thank the Giver.

When you are strengthening your weakened body by drinking wine, thank him who bestowed on you such a gift to cheer your heart and fortify your infirmities.

As you get dressed, thank him for what he has given you. When you wrap your cloak around your shoulders, so increase your love for God, who has provided us with clothing suitable for winter and summer, to maintain our life and cover us modestly.

Is the day at an end? So thank him who gave us the sun by which we can perform our daily work,

and fire to enlighten the night, and who has bestowed on us all the rest of life’s needs.

The night gives us other opportunities for prayer. Look up to the heavens and consider the beauty of the stars, and so give prayer to the Lord of visible things, and worship the Creator of all, who has made all by his wisdom.

When you see living creatures dropping off to sleep, so again worship him, who cuts short our labors by forcing us into sleep, thus providing us with new strength through a brief rest.”

(Saint Basil the Great, On Fasting and Feasts, pp 112-113)

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