Byzantine Orthodoxy, Hellenism and Science (PDF)

Science E OrthodoxyRecently I posted a blog series based on my reading of the book, Science and Eastern Orthodoxy: From the Greek Fathers to the Age of Globalization , written by Efthymios Nicolaidis and Susan Emanuel.  I am always interested in understanding what the Church Fathers might have said about issues raised by modern science.  The book represents an impressive amount of research by the authors, but I didn’t feel it contributed a great deal to understanding modern scientific issues from an Orthodox point of view.  It was more an apology defending Hellenic Orthodoxy from Western critics who see little scientific interest or progress in Byzantine history.  In the end I was not convinced that the Western critics of the Byzantine heritage were exaggerating their negative appraisal.  At least in my read of the book, the earliest centuries of Byzantium saw the most creative and interesting  relationship of the Orthodox world with “secular” thinking.   Later Byzantium moved to a return to Hellenic ideas and became less engaged in the world of thought outside of Christian Byzantium.

The blog in the series is Byzantine Orthodoxy, Hellenism and Science.   The entire series of 4 blogs is now available in one document, a PDF, which can be found at Byzantine Orthodoxy, Hellenism and Science (PDF)  .

You can find links to all my blog series as PDFs at Fr. Ted’s Blog Series.

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