Being Transformed by Christmas

“We have seen how the Holy Fathers regard the Transfiguration of Christ as an example of seeing the true nature of Christ. They taught that the real transfiguration occurred with the eyes of the disciples. When our eyes are opened, when we see through them and not with them, the world is transformed. We begin seeing ourselves, others, and nature as we are supposed to see them: icons of the transcendent God. We were not created to experience life as an endless series of days, filled with monotony and boredom. Through the Incarnation, Christ has restored meaning and beauty to the fallen world. And while we may not always experience life as meaningful or beautiful, we must remind ourselves and, with faith, believe that there is more to our lives than what meets the eye; there is more to our world than what we see when our hearts are impure and divided. God’s creation, both nature and man, are icons of the transcendent God. Through sin these icons may lose their luster, but they are icons nonetheless. Our priestly calling is not only to recognize this truth but to fulfill it: to be transformed and to transform the world around us.” (David Beck, For They Shall See God, pp 39-40)