A Christmas Praise for the Virgin Mary

Proclus of Constantinople [d. 446], a friend of St. John Chrysostom,  writes:

“O womb, in which the decree of our liberation was composed!

O belly, in which were forged weapons to oppose the devil!

O field, in which the cultivator of human nature, without seed, made grain spring up!

O temple, in which God became a priest, not changing our nature, but reclothing it, in his mercy, with that which he is, according to the order of Melchizedek![…]

When he appeared in the Virgin’s woman, he clothed himself in condemnation. There occurred the tremendous exchange: he gave the Spirit; he received flesh; he was both with the Virgin and from the Virgin; with the Virgin in overshadowing her; from the Virgin in taking his flesh from her.”   (Mary and the Fathers of the Church by Luigi Gambero, pp 254-255)