A Prayer of Light for the New Year

In hymns of praise

we bless and glorify you

and give you thanks,

O God of our fathers,’

for you have dispelled the dark cloud of night

and have restored to us the light of day.

In your goodness forgive our sins,

and in your great mercy hear our prayer

as we seek refuge in you,

 Almighty and most merciful God.

Make the true sun of your righteousness

shine in our hearts,

enlighten our understanding

and protect all our senses, that walking in confidence 

as in the day 

in the way of your commandments,

and enjoying your unfathomable light,

we may attain eternal life,

for with your is the fountain of life.

You indeed are the God of goodness and mercy

and unbounded love and we glorify you,

Father, Son and Holy Spirit,

now and for ever,

to the ages of ages. Amen,



2 thoughts on “A Prayer of Light for the New Year

  1. Happy New Year, Fr Ted! I appreciate your writing. Hope things go smoothly for you health-wise this year.

    Could you tell me the source of the Christ as Alpha and Omega photo? Thanks-


    1. Fr. Ted

      It is a photo I took at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art. The info I recorded says; French 1180-1190AD. Gilded copper on wood

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