What the Pure in Heart See

“ Let us therefore purify our hearts so that we may see God in nature, in ourselves, and in others. While we still are on the arduous path of purification, we must remind ourselves that God is in us and all around us. When we see nature let us be attentive to the message it speaks forth (Ps 19:1-4).

When we reflect on our own hearts, let us remember that the Holy Spirit dwells within us who are members of His body.  And when we see our neighbor, when we see those we meet each day, let us love them and honor them, remembering that they have been created in God’s image and have the potential, just like ourselves, to grow in His likeness. Let us remember the words of St. Macarius:

‘There is no other way to be saved, except through our neighbor… This is purity of heart: when you see the sinful or the sick, to feel compassion for them and to be tenderhearted toward them.’”

(David Beck, For They Shall See God, pp 61-62)