Wishing to Love Christ

Christ’s encounter with the woman caught in adultery

“We must all be humble: in thought, in word, and in behavior. We will never go before God and say, ‘I have virtues.’ God does not want our virtues.

Always appear before God as a sinner, not with despair, but ‘trusting in the mercy of His compassion.’ Suffice it that we find the secret. The secret is love for Christ and humility. Christ will give us the humility. We with our weaknesses are unable to love Him. Let Him love us. Let us entreat Him earnestly to love us and to give us the zeal for us to love Him too.”

(Wounded by Love: The Life and the Wisdom of Elder Porphyrios, p 154)


One thought on “Wishing to Love Christ

  1. “God does not want our virtues.” “not with despair”

    These are gems. My priest has recommended this book to me. i need to get on it.


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