The Ocean of God’s Creative Love (I)

The Seventh Century saint, Isaac of Nineveh, writes beautifully about the love of God.  God’s love is present in God’s act of creation, as God sustains the universe, as God deals with the sin of humanity, and continues into all eternity in God’s judgment of the world.

“Let us consider then, how rich in its wealth is the ocean of His creative act, and how many created things belong to God, and how in His compassion He carries everything, acting providentially as He guides (creation); and how with a love that cannot be measured He arrived at the establishment of the world and the beginning of creation;

and how compassionate God is, and how patient; and how He loves creation, and how He carries it, gently enduring its importunity, the various sins and wickednesses, the terrible blasphemies of demons and evil men.

Then, once someone has stood amazed, and filled his intellect with the majesty of God, (amazed) at all these things He has done and is doing, then he wonders in astonishment at His mercifulness, how, after all these things, (God) has prepared for them another world that has no end, whose glory is not even revealed to the angels, even though they (are involved) in His activities insofar as is possible in the life of the spirit, in accordance with the gift with which their nature has been endowed.

(That person wonders) too at how excelling is that glory, and how exalted is the manner of existence at that time; and how insignificant in the present life compared to what is reserved for creation in the New Life; and how, in order that (the soul’s life) will not be deprived of that blessed state because of misusing the freewill it has received, He has devised in His mercifulness a second gift, which is repentance, so that by it (the soul’s life) might acquire renewal every day and thereby every time be put aright.

Moreover, He appointed this without it involving times, limits and fatigue which were beyond (human) strength; rather, it involves the mind, the will, and the conscience, as well as a heart which suffers and feels compunction, so that it might be easy for everyone to acquire benefit from it, both quickly and at any time.”    (THE SECOND PART, p 43)

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