The Christian in the World

“True Christians live in this world as travelers, pilgrims, and sojourners, and they look ever toward their heavenly homeland with faith and with the eyes of the soul, and they strive to reach it. You should also be a pilgrim and sojourner in this world and constantly look toward that homeland and strive to obtain it, and so the world with its enticements and lusts will become abhorrent to you. Whoever seeks eternal blessedness and desires it and strives to reach it will despise everything temporal, lest while seeking the temporal he be deprived of the eternal.”   (St. Tikhon of Zadonsk, Journey to Heaven, p 163)



One thought on “The Christian in the World

  1. Yes, being a pilgrim in this world helps the most to keep our eyes on God. Thank you so much to all the St. Paul Community who helped me make the transition with Christmas Monastery to the new location. Since I have moved here to Palm Coast, Florida at Christmas time, I tell people I am like a “polomniki”, a pilgrim and have yet to make some change to this new and continuing journey God has taken me. You all in Dayton at St. Paul’s have helped this to be so, God Grant You Many Years.

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