Images of Energy

Almost all the energy on our planet is related in one form or another from our local star, the Sun.   So it seems appropriate to occasionally capture an image of the sun and images of energy on earth.   Above the sun is framed between the two transmission towers.  The wires carry the power of the sun converted to our use.  The sun is no god, for we can make it serve our purposes.

A coal barge carries sunpower converted to carbon through the many millions of years of earth’s history.    The sun’s reflection parallels and illumes its older energy now hardened into coal.     The earth stores the sun’s power for us.

We can appreciate  apricity – the warmth of the winter sun, not only as it burns brightly in the February sky, but when the coal is burned as well.    (see also my blog Appreciating Apricity).    The sun’s energy becomes converted to material substance, in one of many mysteries and miracles of our solar system.

We do appreciate apricity especially as we feel the effect of  a Siberian plume merging with a polar vortex.   Despite the sunshine, we still experience record cold temperatures.

As we wend our way through cloudy days
Of sunless cold and winter’s greys,
Siberian plume’s fearful bite,
Apricity scatters the heart’s malaise
Birthing the hope for spring: a seasonable delight.