The Lenten Spring Has Come (Figuratively Speaking)

One of the hymns for the beginning of Great Lent says:

The Lenten Spring has come,

The flower of repentance!

It is good that we Orthodox love figurative language as is seen in our interpretation of the scriptures, for this is what things looked like for us at the beginning of Lent 2015:

Not feeling like spring, and no flowers to be seen with a high temperature for the first day of Lent predicted to be only 10 degrees (F) and going down to -10 (F) tonight.  Figuratively speaking, our favorite way of spiritually understanding the scriptures,  we feel the spring – in our hearts, we are warmed by the Holy Spirit.  We also can go to indoor flower shows and feel the joy of the Lenten spring and the flower of repentance:

The Fast shines upon us all more brightly than the sun,

bringing us the light of grace,

proclaiming the good news of the Cross,

of the precious Passion, and the saving day of Resurrection.


One thought on “The Lenten Spring Has Come (Figuratively Speaking)

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