Orchids At the Franklin Park Conservatory

I had opportunity and reason to be near the Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus, OH, last week.

I decided since I was in the neighborhood to visit – my first ever to the Conservatory.

I was very impressed with the Conservatory.

They had a special exhibit, “Orchids and Botanical Exploration”.

I thought the exhibit was well worth seeing.

Orchids are perhaps my favorite flower to photograph (though when I’m photographing Dahlias I think they are my favorite!).

Orchids are exquisite.

They are so varied in shape, colors, scents, and sizes.

I have yet to tire of looking at them and admiring them.  I have to go to these exhibits alone as I get totally lost in enjoying the flowers.

You  can see all of the photos I took of the orchids at Franklin Park Conservatory Orchid Photos.  There were other plants in bloom there besides the orchids.   See also my blog  Orchestrating Orchidacea.

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