Imaging and Imagining the Ship of Salvation

Here is a Lenten exercise, something for us to consider.

The Church has sometimes been called the ship of salvation, taking an image from Noah’s ark in which God saved His chosen people from the destroying deluge which drowned sin and sinners alike.  As we are continuing our sojourn through Great Lent struggling against the storm of temptations, we can consider a photograph with two possible images of the church as a ship.  In your mind, which one best represents the church?   Why?

The question isn’t which one you would prefer to be on, but which best represents what the Church is and what your place on the ship of salvation is.

The above two ships are heading in different directions, that too is something for us to consider in the season of repentance.  Repentance means to completely change one’s direction in life.  It matters whether one is moving toward the Kingdom or moving away from it.

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