The Mystical Sign of the Cross

“These are the mysteries which the holy form of the Cross bears; it is the cause of the miracles which the Creator performs through it in the entire world. Such is (the form of the Cross) which is joyfully revered and held in honor by us, while the reason for it was eternally marked out in the mind of the Creator, for His intention was to give to all, by means of this form, knowledge of his glory, and the liberation which He was going to take, through its means, for all humanity.

Blessed is God who uses corporeal objects continually to draw us close in a symbolic way to a knowledge of His invisible (nature), sowing and marking out in our minds the recollection of His care for us which has been in operation throughout all generations (thus) binding our minds with love for His hidden Being by means of shapes that are visible.”  (Isaac of Ninevah (Isaac the Syrian), The Second Part: Chap IV-XLI translated by Sebastian Brock, pp 61-62)