Death: To Awaken Ourselves

“Death has no place in the will of God and He came to earth to destroy it. God could have never intended that man, the most wondrous of all His creatures, should die. He created man in His image, to be as He is through grace. God created man for life, not for death, and death entered human life as an imposter. It is true that our transgressions opened the door by which death entered. but the Fathers say that it was the righteous judgment of God that allowed death into our life so that our malice and our passions would not become immortal in us. Death is the chastising power (or ‘punitive faculty’ – as St. Maximus says) that enables us to come to our senses, to think correctly and search for the way of salvation, for the Way of life which is Christ Himself.” (Archimandrite Zacharias, Remember Thy First Love, p 299)