The Holy Trinity: Being in Love

When we love, the world appears as it truly is. Being-in-love-in relationship sustains it. According to the opening words of the book of Genesis, ‘In the beginning’ God said ‘Let us make humankind in our image, in our likeness.’ This is an odd expression given the revelation that ‘The Lord Your God is One Lord…..’ Later, after the birth, life, death and resurrected appearances of Jesus in the flesh to his disciples and others, the image of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit comes more clearly into view, whose circular dance of eternal self-offering love is both communal and uniquely personal – one essence shared among three persons. God is three and God is one. How is this experienced?” (Stephen Muse, Being Bread, p 81)

How can we experience the Three and One  of God?    Our way of thinking which relies heavily on visual imagery has a difficult time of putting together the ideas of God’s oneness with God being Trinity.  Jeremy Begbie, a musician and Duke University theology professor writes a book, RESOUNDING TRUTH: CHRISTIAN WISDOM IN THE WORLD OF MUSIC, in which he purposes we conceive of God musically rather than visually.   He says we can understand threeness and oneness being together when we play a chord.  We play three notes which together make a chord.  Each note in itself may be beautiful and each note played on a piano fills the room.  Together they form a chord in which three notes harmoniously work together and form something none of them singularly can be.  It is another way to try to conceive of the Triune God.   See also my blog, “Seeing” with Our Ears is Believing.