The Image of God in Humans

“If the image of God is located in the flesh of man, then that very flesh must reveal God. But as God himself is immaterial, and therefore formless, the archetype of the image of God in man must be the incarnate Son of God. As Irenenaeus puts it: ‘For (I made) man (in) the image of God’ (Gen. 9:6 LXX) and the image of God is the Son, according to whose image was man made; and for this reason, he appeared in the last time, to render the image like himself. (Dem. 22) The Son reveals the true human form through his incarnation, demonstrating at the same time that man is indeed in the image of God. Adam, as ‘the type of the One to come’ (Rom. 5:14), typifies, in his flesh, the incarnate Son. Thus the fashioning of the human flesh is intimately connected to Christ, the archetype of man, and his revelation of the image of God, the manifestation of both God and man.” (John Behr, Asceticism and Anthropology in Irenaeus and Clement, pp 89-90)