Drunkenness: A Demon of Our Own Choosing

“Wine has caused us the loss of these souls; though wine is the gift God gave to the sober as a comfort for infirmity, it has now become an instrument of licentiousness for the lascivious.

Drunkenness is the demon of our own choosing, entering souls through pleasure.

Drunkenness is the mother of wickedness, the antithesis of virtue. It turns the brave man into a coward, the chaste man into a lecher. Righteousness it knows not; prudence it destroys. For as water counters fire, so too does an excessive amount of wine extinguish rationality.

And so, I was reluctant to say something against drunkenness, not because it is an insignificant vice or worth overlooking, but because whatever I say would produce no benefit at all. For if the drunkard is out of his mind and in a stupor, whoever rebukes him goes through this rigmarole in vain since he does not hear a thing!”  (Saint Basil the Great, On Fasting and Feasts, pp 84-85)