Coloring My World

Since my diagnosis with Stage 3 lung cancer and the lung resection (lobectomy), I’ve found myself slowing down in many areas of life.  Sometimes just feeling tired, or having a hard time concentrating.  I’ve been an avid reader all my life, but I find reading more than a few pages tires me and I can’t read for hours.  I don’t have the energy to go on photo safaris as I’ve done in recent years.  So I took up a new hobby – coloring.

It apparently is a very popular creative hobby and fad these days.   In this blog are a few of the pages I’ve colored.  I have no training in art whatsoever, so I have to experiment a bit on any one page as I know nothing about coloring, shading, blending.   I’ve found the hobby to be every bit as relaxing as it is claimed to be.

There are many adult coloring books available to choose from.  Two that I have are COLOR ME CALM: A ZEN COLORING BOOK   and  SECRET GARDEN.

Each of the books that I own have a very different feel to them – so have detailed pictures to color, some are larger, landscape type pictures, some are mandalas.

I first heard about these adult coloring books on NPR a few months ago, and bought one.  I had plenty of old color pencils lying around from when my 4 offspring were children.  It happens that simultaneously one of my sons heard about this and bought me another coloring book and some color pencils.

You can find photos of other pages I have colored on my Flickr page at Coloring.


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