Hope in Christ

“There are many others in the parish, too, who tend to keep to themselves their personal stress and suffering. Yet their eyes and their body language betray the weight of their burdens they carry. Some are caring at home for elderly parents who are afflicted with dementia or alcoholism. Others are struggling to offer love, support and guidance to disruptive or promiscuous adolescents; or depriving themselves in order to feed and clothe their children after their business collapsed or they fell victim to ‘downsizing’. Multitudes of different stories, yet with one common theme: they long ago placed their trust and their hope in Christ, the source and end of their most intense longing, and in these past few days they gathered together to celebrate their faith and their hope at the Feast of feasts, Holy Pascha.” (John Breck, Longing for God, p 155)

We hope in Christ, but also need help from our parish community. It is in and through our fellow members that we experience the love of Christ.