The Believer: To Be Truly Human

“The man who denies his relationship to God, who refuses to be His son, is not a real man but a man diminished, the unfinished plan of a man. For to be sons of God is not only granted us as a gift but is also entrusted to us as a task, and the accomplishment of this task alone, through the conscious putting on of Christ and God, can lead to a full disclosure, a full blossoming, of human personality. […]  We do good, purify our heart and draw nearer to God, not in order to obtain a reward, but out of our love of God. One day I asked myself: would I remain with Christ if I knew for certain that the devil would defeat God? And I answered without hesitation: of course I would remain with Him. What has selfishness to do with it?”   (Father Yelchaninov in A Treasury of Russian Spirituality, pp 428-429, 442)