The Christian Responsibility for the World

The Church is planted by God on earth to be the salt of the earth, not to be sealed perfectly safe and pure in a salt shaker.  We are to be a light to the world, not a light to ourselves, hidden under a bushel basket.

“By enclosing itself in its particularities and in its own inner life, the Church betrays its basic mission, which is to be ‘as a light and a testimony to the infinite love of God for the world.’ ‘ We should never forget that in front of us there is an immense world, a world that does not know the secret that is in it, a world whose heart sighs without knowing for what, but which, fundamentally, seeks God. A world that would want to know Him, love Him, live in Him.

We Christians have an immense responsibility toward that world. It seems to me, that if we are filled with the Holy Spirit, we can no longer remain in ourselves cozily, holed up in our beautiful, great, and luminous Eucharistic communities. For, where it can, the Church must bring to the poor, the impoverished, the down-and-out, what it has received, namely the word and the love of God.’” (Boris Bobrinskoy, The Compassion of the Father, pp 42-43)

The Church exists for the world – to bring it to salvation, to transform and transfigure lives.  We exist for the sake of sinners – not to accuse them, but to invite them into God’s Kingdom.


One thought on “The Christian Responsibility for the World

  1. What we can do even without money. Because of the love and charity of St. Paul Orthodox Church in Dayton who contributed to me getting a home and a base for our monastery development, Holy Mother of God New Tikhvin, I was blessed today by a phone call of a woman I helped get a house a mile from where I live, instead of an apartment where she can better enjoy her grandchildren. Her recorded message and kind voice to thank me for something that took no money, just some time to become a friend encouraged me for those things I have been limited to do because of no funds. My new friend, Barbara, ascribes our friendship and help to each other as from God. I met Barbara at the grocery store and had her follow me home to see where I live in an affordable home and green space neighborhood. Barbara’s compassion as a cleaning woman in a local hospital is boundless. In Florida history Barbara is not unusual for not learning how to read. A skill I take for granted, knowing how to read, helped Barbara in her house search at a needed time. May God help us increase our sense of Christian responsibility for the world as Father Boris outlines, and the love and humility to help each other in the ways and means God reveals to us to share His Love.

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