Autumn Colors 2015

I managed for the first time in the last 6 months to get up to watch a sunrise.  I’m normally a morning person, but the events of being diagnosed with cancer, having a lung resection and then chemotherapy, sapped my strength and energy.

There was one lone fisherman getting his boat ready at the Caesar Creek Lake dock where the temperature had dipped to 34 degrees.

The colder temperature caused some fog to form on the lake as the cooler air mingled with the warmer lake water.  The fisherman thought the water temperature might be too warm for fishing – the fish bite better when the lake waters are cooler.  The lake water was almost 30 degrees warmer than the autumn air.

It is autumn in Ohio and the color change is underway.

So I share a few photos of that part of the autumn color change I’ve witnessed – limited this year by my own reduced energy levels.

Everyone should get out and enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of the fall season and of God’s beautiful creation.  You can see all the photos I’ve taken this autumn at Fr. Ted’s Photos.

You can find links to other photoblogs I’ve posted at Fr. Ted’s Photoblogs.


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