The Truth at Christmas

“Rather than thinking of the Incarnation of Christ as an event restricted to a long-gone past and a far-removed land, we should instead think of it as a possibility that is to be lived as an ever-contemporary reality, here and now in those who respond to him.” (John Behr, Becoming Human, p 104)

Our Lord Jesus Christ said, “I am the truth…” (John 14:6)   Truth is a living, breathing, moving being.  Not an idea, not something contained by or controlled by a building or a book, not a past event lost in history.  Truth becomes incarnate in Christ.  In baptism, when we put on Christ, we become part of the Body of Christ.  Truth becomes united to each of us.

Truth is not something apart from you as a believer.  Truth is not only in heaven or in a book or in biblical history.  If people come to the truth they will also come to you.  You don’t seek the truth somewhere else, for Christ abides in you (Luke 17:21).  You live the truth, and bear witness to the truth.  Others should see Truth in you.  This is why Christ chose disciples to be His witnesses rather than writing a book to hand out to others.  We are each to be a light to the world (Matthew 5:14).

We each are to live the incarnation in our daily lives.  Christmas for us should not be left as a beloved act of salvation of long ago.  Rather, we are to incarnate it and live it in our daily lives so that others may also come to it and believe.

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