What to Believe at Christmas

“Believe that the whole universe, all that is visible and all that is invisible, was brought into being out of nothing by God and is governed by the providence of its Creator, and will receive a change to a better condition.

Believe that evil has neither substance nor sovereignty, nor is it without beginning, nor does it have its own subsistence, nor does it come from God. Rather, it is our work and that of the Evil One, and it was introduced by our inattention, not by that of the Creator.

Believe that the Son of God, the Word before the ages, begotten from the Father apart from time and without body, has in the last days also become for you Son of a human being, coming forth from the Virgin Mary ineffably and in an undefiled manner, for there is no defilement where God is and in the way through which salvation comes.

He is a whole human being, and the same [person] is also God, on behalf of the whole sufferer, that salvation may be granted to the whole of you, destroying the whole condemnation of sin. He is impassible in his divinity, passible in what he has assumed. He is as much human for your sake as you may become god because of him.

He, for our iniquities, was led to death, was crucified and buried, as far as to taste death, and rose again on the third day and ascended into the heavens, to bring with him you who lie below. He will come again with his glorious presence, judging the living and the dead, no longer flesh yet not without body but, according to the principles he himself knows, with a more deiform body, that he may be seen by those who have pierced him and also remain God without fleshly coarseness.” (St. Gregory of Nazianzus, Festal Orations, pp 140-141)


One thought on “What to Believe at Christmas

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