2015 in Favorite Photos

This blog contains some of my photos which I took in 2015 and which are favorites of mine.

One wedding reminded me of a life time – of memories and maturation.   Of what is no more and of what will be.  Members who I baptized as babies are now coming to be married in the church.

A Japanese Koto

Photography can give you a new perspective on life – both seeing things in a new way as well as seeing new things.   Beauty is real, inspiring, true.

Photography sometimes opens doors to things I would never have seen – even if I was looking at them.  Photography focuses our eyesight.

For health reasons, I was far less ambulatory in 2015 than in past years, and so did a lot less photography.

The above photo resulted from being confined to home following a lung resection and chemotherapy.  I was staying at home and took up coloring to pass the time.

Flowers remain a favorite subject for my photography.  I’ve come to appreciate the delicate and complex intricacies of their shapes, colors, sizes and textures.  They also tell a truth about life – natural beauty is fleeting.  So imbibe deeply when you encounter it, for it reveals change at the speed of light.

And bees continue to fascinate me, as photography has made me see them as I never did before.   I realize how important the tiniest of things are to a good life.  We live doing a balancing act with the rest of the environment – competing and being compatible.

Favorites are personal and not an objective category.  Reasons for a photo being a favorite may have nothing to do with being a “best” photo.  The image may conjure up memories or emotions which others won’t see.  Photographs, like Scripture, like the quantum universe, require an observer to interpret them and to interact with them for full effect.

I thought my parishioner Daryl’s icon of St. Ephraim was one of the best he’s ever done.  There is a dynamic quality to it that brings to life this saint whose writings inspire me so much.

A street scene in Washington, DC – neighbors and neighborhoods mean different things depending where you live.

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“He who stands in awe of God searches for the divine principles that God has implanted in creation; the lover of truth finds them.”  (Thalassios the Libyan, THE PHILOKALIA, Kindle Location 21415-17)

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