How Important is Religion to the People of the World?

I saw this chart and just found it interesting, so decided to share it as well.


Chart originally in How Strongly Different Countries Feel About Religion

A lot of strong feelings about religion in the world’s Southern Hemisphere and in the so called “Third World.”  Sadly, it is the formerly “Christian” Europe including nations thought of as being traditionally Orthodox where religious fervor has dwindled greatly.  In this survey at least, the United States, which considers itself as being quite religious (at least in comparison to Europe) is only midway in the pack.


5 thoughts on “How Important is Religion to the People of the World?

  1. Mihretu Tegegn

    Thank you very much Fr.Ted. This is truly a fact as we could be a witness for this . I am a regular follower of your blog by e mail residing here in Ethiopia,Addis Ababa.I am 38 & non employed clergy man of Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church. Thank you for your information!

    Mihretu Tegegn

    1. Fr. Ted

      Thanks for your comment. May God bless you and the Church in Ethiopia. It is impressive that you are seen as the most religiously interested people on earth!

      1. Victor Weis

        Armenia, Georgia, Romania, Cyprus, etc., didn’t make the chart either, but I doubt it’s because they fell below China. A more likely explanation is that Pew didn’t collect data on (some) of these countries, or that i100 didn’t include them in their chart.

        Not saying the numbers would necessarily be encouraging, but I strongly doubt that they would be below 3%.

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