The Trisagion: Bringing Order to Chaos

“According to The Shepherd of Hermas, a very early Christian text, ‘the name of God sustains the world,’ keeps it in equilibrium. The name of God creates the cosmos out of chaos. This is why the Church sings the Trisagion or Thrice-Holy prayer at the moment of catastrophes:

‘Holy God,

Holy Mighty,

Holy Immortal,

have mercy on us.’

The invocation of the Trinity calms, it brings order into chaos. This is the same reason for singing the Trisagion in the burial service, when the body is interred. Such a prayer expresses faith in the resurrection, the re-establishment of what is normal, ontological healing.”

(In the World, Of the Church: A Paul Evdokimov Reader, p 13)



One thought on “The Trisagion: Bringing Order to Chaos

  1. In our frequent mission services experiences, where we are in a temporary location, it has been our practice to repeatedly sing, “Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal”, (Svate Bozhe) as the priest and the people come together and prepare the set up for the service to be had that day. I reference it as an invitation for the angels to come. This may be a special appointment for a memorial service (panikhida) or thestart of a Baptism, or prayer in the storefront rental, prior to the Holy Liturgy, invoking the angels into this sacred space.

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