Pride and Humility and Prayer

“The Pharisee stood and prayed thus with himself” (Luke 18:10).

The Pharisee is an interesting study in psychology.  He doesn’t pray aloud, but only within himself.  Why?  He doesn’t want to appear proud.  The proud are concerned about appearances and what others might think of them.  They act for show, carefully orchestrating every move.

The humble on the other hand, openly confess their sins.  The Publican confesses his sin to God and beats his breast.  He isn’t worried about what others might think of him.  He is fearful of how God will judge him.  He isn’t trying to hide anything from God or neighbor.  They all know him and his sins.  He is quite aware of how others judge him, so he doesn’t have to pretend, doesn’t have to put on a show.  His sins are exposed before all, and he humbly acknowledges them asking forgiveness.