2016 Orchid Show

I was able to go this past Saturday to the Miami Valley Orchid Society‘s annual Spring Show.

Due to  health reasons, for the past year, I haven’t often gone out to do much photography.  Sometimes it is the fatigue, sometimes it is other health issues, or aches and pains, and sometimes it has been a lack of desire.

Orchids are a favorite flower of mine, and so I decided to get up and view the flowers.  Took the camera and did some photography.  Heard a few other old men talking about how the Orchid Show motivated them to dust off their cameras, and perhaps themselves, and get out to do some photography.  The Orchid effect.

Orchids are a delight to the eye – their color variations are phenomenal.  Their intricate designs totally intrigue the mind.  The delicacy of some of the flowers and the unusual shapes are a delight to anyone who appreciates flowers.

The weather was absolutely fabulous for February in Dayton, Ohio –  65 degrees and sunny.  Thanks to God!

You can see all the photos I took at Orchid Show 2016.

So I penned, or word processed a poem.

The Orchid Show

How one family consists of almost 30,000 species,
Is science stranger than fiction?
Or perhaps, more truthfully, it is magic.
Gathered in one room, all in the same family
Yet each from a different household!
Enraptured by the prize winning displays.

Ribboned examples show no family resemblance,
Must be in the genes.
What was God thinking when he wrote that code?
So mysterious, delightful to the eyes.
Mischievous, royal, so prized.
The heart is wowed by each phenomenal bloom,
Altogether or separate, apricity in any room.