Giving to Charity for Communion with God

Christ feeding the 5000

Fr. Seraphim reminds us and all who are tempted to engage in this Social Gospel that:

Christ did not come to feed the hungry, but to save the souls of all, hungry or replete. When we see a hungry man, it is not some mechanical sense that is affected within us; we do not say, ‘Here is another one to be fed,’ and immediately calculate the stores of food available – or, if we do this, our soul is dead, capable of counting but not loving man. No, it is our heart that is touched, for here is man, hungry and naked as I, even as our God when He came among us; here is a man. If Christ be truly in our hearts, it is a matter or course that we give this man what we have; but if we have nothing, our love is not therefore the less. In fact, the less we have, the more likely it is that we will respond to this man as a human being.

In short, we love the person who is in need. We give what we can give, always remembering that the ultimate goal – the reason for which all humanity was created – is communion with God, the redemption of our souls.” (David Beck, For They Shall See God, pp 99-100)