Feeling the Presence of God

 “But the Kingdom of God already exists: In the beauty of the earth

and where good is victorious among people, in the Lord’s true disciples, in saints and heroes, in those who want to follow Him, who did not desert Christ amid the difficult trials of His Church….

Grant us, divine Teacher, the strength of their faith, their unshatterable hope and the fire of their love for you.

When we, lost on life’s path, stop, not knowing where to go, grant that we might see Your face in the gloom.

Through the howling and thundering of this technological age,

at once so mighty and so poor and powerless, teach us to attend to the silence of eternity and let us hear in Your voice, Your courage-instilling words: ‘I am with you always, to the close of the age.’” (Fr. Alexander Men, Son of Man, pp 219-220)