Mary: Greater than Heaven

“Even the sky is small for You, my Lord, if You will it,

but the womb of Mary is big for You because You so willed.

Because You so willed, a womb has contained You; unless

You so willed, all the ages would not suffice You, Son of the Lord of the universe.

Because it pleased You to dwell in the womb, in spite of your

greatness, on this account, You are a marvel to the one who knew You.

Even when the womb of Mary bore You, because it pleased You,

all the ages were filled with You, because such You are.

Even if there was no place within the ends <of the earth>that

was not filled with You, You were dwelling in a span of flesh because You so willed.

For a great place, indeed, was not sufficient to contain You,

nor are You straitened by a little place if You stay there.

Heaven is small but the maiden is great according to your will,

for that one is inadequate but this one is fruitful because

You strengthened her.”

(Jacob of Serug, On the Mother of God, pp 66-67)