Autumn Leaves


Maybe it is the season. Changing colors, reflect fading beauty.


A touch of melancholy.  The color change, so welcomed by my eyes, also tells me of what will follow – the cold of winter winds, and dormant plants awaiting spring’s resurrection.


Health issues continue for me in the autumn of my life.  I cannot get out to enjoy the spreading color change of fall.


So I look out my window at home and see in my backyard the glory of autumn and also recognize what it signals about the year.


Sadly, my ash tree, the last still standing on my property is succumbing to the ash borer.


 It shaded my house so faithfully for so many summers.    Now it falls to sleep, perhaps for the last time.


The leaves I photo may be the last this tree will produce.  And it is possible the ash tree  with its distinctive leaf colors will disappear from North America as even the spring won’t bring them back from their final dormition.



One thought on “Autumn Leaves

  1. Dear Father Ted,

    Your “Autumn Leaves Blog” of October 21, 2016 is like the “Bright Sadness” we experience in Great Lent and other times as we prepare for Meeting our Lord on Resurrection Day. You have given so many so very very much through wonderful writings in your Word Press postings. In your Creation Photos you so loving bring to our attention through your camera lens, God’s love for us, and then with a few words with the wonderful pictures you invite us on your journey, and join us to the Heavenly Creation, and Merciful Creator our God.

    Now as a monastic you will be helping me keep my vows in keeping the Kingdom of God and my last breath on earth daily and hourly in mind so my prayers and behavior are repentant and my actions are directed by our Savior’s Mercy and Love.

    You kept the vision given us for a Monastery ‘to Share the Love of God Through Music’ going.
    Your answered our requests and needs and your pastorate at St. Paul Orthodox Church in Dayton, Ohio sent funds to us in Florida, when the utilities we had in Orlando were noticed to be shut off; when the car broke down; when our medically fragile students who counted on us to be there for them as friend and not only teacher, but sharing in their journeys’, and growth, needed us to keep on keeping on, you modeled humility and kindness. Your outreach from Dayton, Ohio has now brought us a Spiritual Father and monastic brothers from DAYTON,Tennessee, Father David (Colburn), Reunited in the Love of God for praying the Holy and Divine Services we shared in young adulthood, it was when you kept our computer going, the water on, the gas for the car, that we were able to find and unite with these friends God gave us at an earlier time.

    We are NOT ready to say goodbye to you, but we want everyone to know you and St. Paul’s in Dayton, Ohio helped us ‘take up our cross’, and receive the monastic tonsure now almost a year ago, from Metropolitan Hilarion of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, November 22, 2015 (St. Nectarios), so we could also be united in prayer with Orthodox Christians all around the USA and the world. For 10 years you prayed, you helped in supporting us, before and after the passing of our beloved Vladyka JOB (Osasky) +12-18-2009) and your Diocese of the Midwest Archbishop who wanted to help our monastic effort be realized, and was waiting his retirement to be publicly our recognized monastic Spiritual Father and co-worker in Christ’s Vineyard that would understand our needs in doing our obedience in the area of Music and the Arts.

    May your preparation for your transition to heaven be peaceful, and blessed as our dear Father Roman (Braga) (+April 28, 2015, who together with the Sisters at the Monastery of the Dormition in Rives Junction, Michigan also kept our needs faithfully considered from the very start of our friendship and spiritual family in the 1970’s through now, praying for us to be an organized and dedicated monastic offering to God, doing His will. May our Blessed Father Roman, be there to open the Gates for you when God is ready for you to enter into His Eternal Kingdom. We look forward to each day we have with you and what you share on your Blog and writings and in pictures.

    Know we are here for you, and will be praying daily.

    With Love in Christ,

    Mother Elizabeth (Bacha
    New Tikhvin Mother of God Skete
    26 Poppy Lane
    Palm Coast, FL 32164
    386-263-8901. (our online and in person music and art centered school you helped to found serving all ages) where donations can now be made (which we hope to grow with features of more stories, videos and music and lessons, and ikons and gifts, others can help us to share to grow and continue the work you so charitably were kind to bless so often and in our greatest need to keep us going, until we realized a home in Palm Coast, Florida in the Historic Greater St. Augustine area October 2014, It only 2 weeks ago we were recently saved by God from the wrath of Hurricane Matthew 10-6/7, 2016 in this protected historic landing zone for the first Orthodox Christians coming to America and Florida to settle. These Minorcans and Greeks of the Great Diaspora who when they lost homes and legal rights to raise their families as Christians, and who as pioneers in Florida, made a school, and non violent home for their families, keeping their faith and love for their neighbors, both Native and across the seas and under the (POKROV) Tikhvin Protection of the Mother of God, (TIKHVINSKAYA) as you too are doing and continue doing as a teacher and priest, to share the Love of God by helping us learn so many many things as your blogs share with people worldwide, influencing growth in our culture to be Christ like, to always be humble and loving and caring for ALLLLLLLL people.

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