November 13: Commemorating St. John Chrysostom

On November 13 we Orthodox honor St John Chrysostom, the Archbishop of Constantinople.

“St. Chrysostom was not only continuously preaching the Word of God at every opportunity but also had Bible classes twice a week where he unceasingly encouraged lay Christians to become knowledgeable in the treasures of God’s wisdom and to live by them. To open the Bible and to read prayerfully and attentively its rich library of books was for St. John to open one’s sails to the Holy Spirit and to embark on a most exciting journey in the spiritual seas and shorelines of God’s kingdom. Christians according to him are not only to know the Scriptures but also to engrave them on their hearts. IGNORANCE OF THE BIBLE, SO CHRYSOSTOM TEACHES, IS THE SOURCE OF THE GREATEST EVILS OF THE WORLD, WHILE KNOWLEDGE OF THE BIBLE IS THE SOURCE OF THE GREATEST BLESSINGS.”   (Theodore Stylianopoulous, A Year of the Lord: #1 – Fall, pp 123-124)