The Nativity of Christ: The Incarnation of God

“All these changes did the Merciful One make,

stripping off glory and putting on a body;

for He had devised a way to reclothe Adam

in that glory which Adam had stripped off.

Christ was wrapped in swaddling clothes,

corresponding to Adam’s leaves,

Christ put on clothes, instead of Adam’s skins;

He was baptized for Adam’s sin,

His body was embalmed for Adam’s death,

He rose and raised up Adam in his glory.

Blessed is He who descended, put Adam on and ascended! (Nativity 23:13)

The Most High knew that Adam had wanted to become a god,

so He sent His Son who put him on in order to grant him his desire.”

(St Ephrem the Syrian, The Luminous Eye, pp 85,  102)