The Saving Effects of Theophany

A hymn from the Great Blessing of the Water offers us this understanding of the Feast of Theophany.

“Today the grace of the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove descended upon the waters.
Today the Sun that never sets has risen and the world is filled with
splendor by the light of the Lord.

Today the moon shines upon the world with the brightness of its rays.
Today the glittering stars make the earth fair with the radiance of their shining.
Today the clouds drop down upon mankind the dew of righteousness
from on high.
Today the Uncreated of his own will accepts the laying on of hands from his own creature.

Today the waters of the Jordan are transformed into healing by the
coming of the Lord.
Today transgressions of men are washed away by the waters of the
Today the blinding mist of the world is dispersed by the Epiphany of
our God.
Today things above keep feast with things below, and things below
commune with things above.

Today earth and sea share in the joy of the world, and the world is filled with gladness.
At thine Epiphany the whole creation sang thy praises.

(The Time of the Spirit: Readings Through the Christian Year, p 88)