Baptism: Being Born of Christ

“As the name of the Trinity is invoked, the candidate is immersed three times in the water and then three times rises up from the water once more: and immediately he enters into possession of all that he seeks. He is born and created; he receives the good seal; he is granted all the happiness that he desires; darkness before, he now becomes light; non-existent before, he now receives existence. God claims him for his own and adopts him as a son. From prison and utter enslavement he is led to a royal throne.

The water of baptism destroys one life and reveals another: it drowns the old man raises up the new.

To be baptized is to be born according to Christ; it is to receive existence, to come into being out of nothing.”

(St Nicholas Cabasilas, from The Time of the Spirit, p. 89)