Adam’s Vocation


“God gave Adam free will – the power to choose between good and evil – and it therefore rested with Adam either to accept the vocation set before him or to refuse it.  He refused it.  Instead of continuing along the path marked out for him by God, he turned aside and disobeyed God.  Adam’s fall consisted essentially in his disobedience of the will of God; he set up his own will against the divine will, and so by his own act he separated himself from God.  . . .


Cut off from God, Adam and his descendants passed under the domination of sin and of the devil.  Each new human being is born into a world where sin prevails everywhere, a world in which it is easy to do evil and hard to do good.  Our will is weakened and enfeebled by what the Greeks call ‘desire’ and the Latins ‘concupiscence’.  We are all subject to these, the spiritual effects of original sin.”  (Kallistos Ware, THE ORTHODOX CHURCH, pp 216-217)

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