Full Coffers – Empty Conscience

“Do you have wealth?  It is a good thing.  But only if your use of it is good.  You will not be able to make good use of it if you are evil: wealth is an evil for the evil, a good for the good.  Not that it is a good in the sense that it makes you good, but it is converted into good when it is in the hands of the good.  . . .  If you find yourself void of good works, why are you so keen to have external goods?  What use is a coffer brimming over with money, if your conscience is empty?  What use are the things you have, if you do not have the One who gave all?

Do not put your trust in untrustworthy riches.  Hope in God, in God alone.  He gives you all in abundance: the goods of the earth for your use, the goods of eternity for your pleasure.    (St Augustine, DRINKING FROM THE HIDDEN FOUNTAIN, p 292-293)